Engineering team working aroundthe clock to develop second generation-device for major global networkoperators

 Seattle,Washington – November 25, 2013 – 5BARz International, Inc. (OTCBB: BARZ), (Boerse- Berlin:O5B), ( (“5BARz” or “the Company”) announced todaythe opening of its new state-of-the-art innovation center in San Diego,California. The center will housethe 5BARz’ engineering division as it expands operations to acceleratedevelopment of the 5BARz technology.

Naresh Soni,Chief Technology Officer of 5BARz International, Inc. explained, “our new innovation center is located in the Sorrento Valley which is in the heart of the wireless technology industry in the United States.  This ideal location has facilitated therecruitment of key engineering positions that we have filled in the last 30days. In addition to our new facilityand increasing our engineering team internally we have contracted engineeringfirms in India and China in order to accelerate the development and delivery ofour technology solutions as soon as possible. The Company’s strategic outsourcing model brings a team of engineers anddesigners localized in different time zones that are working around the clockto timely and effectively address the needs of specific partners.”

Daniel Bland, CEO of 5BARz International,Inc. explained, “ThisInnovation Center will be initially focused on the completion of our secondgeneration-device, designed in collaboration with a multi-national wirelesscarrier.” He continued stating, “This business model will allow us to respond tothe market opportunities that we hope to generate from global wirelessoperators and other industries that choose 5BARz as their solution for coverageimprovement and seamless connectivity.”

5Barz’sinvestment in this new innovation center and the business model in placeunderscores the Company’s commitment to improving its revolutionary cellularnetwork extender technology to engineer customized solutions for a wide varietyof consumers and industries.

About 5BARz International Inc.

The 5BARz International Inc. business is focused upon the globalcommercialization of a patented product technology branded under the name5BARz™. 5BARz™ is a cellular network infrastructure device for use in the smalloffice, home or for when users are mobile. 5BARz™ incorporates a patentedtechnology to create a highly engineered, single-piece, plug ‘n play unit that strengthensweak cellular signals to deliver high quality signals for voice, data and videoreception on cell phones and other cellular equipped devices. 5BARz™ representsa key solution for cellular network operators in providing clear, high qualitysignal for their subscribers with a growing need for high quality connectivity.5BARz International Inc.’s shares are publicly traded on the OTCBB under theticker symbol BARZ in the US and on the Berlin Stock Exchange ( under symbol “O5B.”


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