By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla | July 9, 2014 We’ve all experienced poor cellular voice and data connections as well as notorious dead spots. An innovative solution from 5Barz eliminates the problem. Dropped calls, slow Internet or even poor reception which sounds like we’re talking to robots from another dimension, these are all realities we experience from time to time no matter who our wireless providers are. As advanced as our cellular systems are today, they’re still pretty susceptible to signal drop off, especially in remote areas where fewer cell sites are available to push signal for voice and data. As their name implies, 5Barz is a company that builds telecom solutions that amplify existing signal coverage by using brilliant engineering to enable improved signals . CEO Daniel Bland says that the company has done the impossible with their latest plug and play cellular device that, when installed, can turn a weak one bar cellular signal, into a completely useful five bar signal. “The potential is huge,” Bland says, “poor signal and connectivity is the main reason 3 per cent of users leave their wireless service providers.” Globally, that number adds up to a $37 billion dollar opportunity. 5Barz claims it has the first carrier grade wireless device to strengthen weak signals to deliver enhanced voice, data and video reception. It will be providing the solution, which they call the 5Barz network extender, initially to telcos in Latin America. The 5Barz network extender will also be tested in India and South Africa, places where remote cellular signal is sparse and where a solution like this can make a huge difference without high cost. The network extender currently works on 2G/3G networks. 5Barz will offer a 4G-enabled variant in 2015 which is compatible with all common frequencies. Their current solution covers 4,000 square feet, feature a patented receive and send antenna in one device and can be managed and updated remotely by the telcos. “Our product represents a major milestone for 5Barz and we are excited to begin field trials,” Bland explains. The company is expanding to 10 countries where it will set up subsidiary companies that will have exclusive distribution and marketing for each area. Aside from creating jobs in these new subsidiary locations, 5Barz wants to roll out their product globally and simultaneously to maintain their lead over the competition.