We rely on our mobile devices to stay connected with the ever changing world. We developed the 5BARz products so we can stay close to the people we care for, share the things we love and keep business at hand.


Company Profile

5BARz International Inc. incorporates multiple patented technologies to deliver the best inhome wireless connectivity. The Company designs, manufactures and sells a line of cellular network infrastructure devices (NE), for use in the home & offices, and State of art WIFI Router and IOT Hub (ROVR), for use in the home. The Companies products incorporate multiple patented technologies to create a highly engineered next generation intelligent connectivity devices.

The NE strengthens weak cellular signals to deliver high quality signals for voice, data and video reception on cell phones and other cellular equipped devices. The 5BARz™ solution represents a very significant improvement for cellular network carriers in providing a clear, reliable, high quality signal for their subscribers with a growing need for high quality connectivity. The Company’s products are engineered to incorporate a great number of features more fully addressed herein. Our products are designed to significantly improve the operation of cellular networks in the vicinity of the user, reducing the frustration experienced by cellular users globally.

The Company is in the process of developing the global commercialization of the cellular network extenders through cellular network operators, with each sector of integration to be managed in geographic areas. The initial business focus is currently in India, with formative steps taken in Latin America, the U.S. and Western European market sectors.

ROVR is a state of the art Smart Wi-Fi router cum IoT hub. Since it is enabled with dual back-haul, both for optic fiber and 4G it is ‘always connected’. With the unique 4-hour battery back-up it is a router which is ‘always ON’. ROVR has Smart Storage which not only works as a common storage for the home, but also enables any Cloud-Top management of all the OTT (Over the Top) features that the ISPs (Internet Service Provider) want to roll out as its services.

5BARz ROVRs bring the consumer and the digital marketing world closer to each other, and increase the effectiveness of every dollar spent in the digital marketing world. 5BARz leverages blockchain technology for all the data exchanges.

In a world of weak signals, 5BARz’ team of executives, engineers, technology leaders, visionaries, and go getters decided to move forward with one goal — to make you stronger.


We have assembled a team of technical minds, global businessmen, cross-border account managers and go getters with one goal in mind: To deliver consumers the best possible mobile experience on every device.

Daniel Bland

Founder / CEO

Dr. Gil Amelio

Chairman of the Board

Samartha Raghava Nagabhushanam


Mark Geoghegan

Financial Consultant

Dave Habiger

Board of Advisors

Finnis Conner

Board of Advisors


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