Introducing the 5BARz network extender.

Let the revolution begin!

Make your Home Smart

Smartly manage & fulfill your family Internet needs & monitor your home comfort & security via IoT sensors wherever you are with a click of a button with the 5BARz experience-enabled applications. The 5BARz Experience makes it easy for you to be safe, cared for and relaxed in a smart enabled home.


Radio frequency experts said it would be impossible to put a send and receive antenna in the same form factor, but we proved them wrong. Both antennae are in the same small box and we have the patent on the technology.


Just plug the Network Extender into any power outlet and get a better network experience. Absolutely no installation required.


This one small box covers up to 2,000 square feet in your home or office.

Integrated Antennae

Receive and Transmit Antenna in One Device / Form Factor. PATENT HELD by 5BARz

Balanced Power Management

Automatic Balanced Power Management to Avoid Interference with Macro Network = PATENT HELD by 5BARz

Smart Signal Processing

Smart Signal Processing for Interference / Echo Cancellation = PATENT HELD by 5BARz

System Gain

System Gain of upto 70 dB of Network Extender exceeds the System Gain from any other such product currently available on the market.

Simultaneous users

Our product can easily manage up to ten (10) users all using any of their mobile devices at the same time

Network Extender features

Have a look at all the exciting features of Network Extender Discovery

5Barz Network Extender Feature Sets

  • Simple Plug and Play Installation. For consumers this is one of the most exciting features. To set-up, turn on and make use of the Network Extender all that the consumer needs to do is PLUG IT IN and TURN IT ON
  • Coverage space Should be either 2,000 or 4,000 square.
  • Adaptive RF Link Adjustments
  • Automatic self-calibration at power up
  • Automatic adaptation to environmental changes to maintain optimum performance
  • No signal power oscillations
  • Network protection
  • Monitors ensuring no harm to network
  • Continuous AGC to maintain linear operation, reduce gain at high input levels
  • Auto-shutdown at high RSSI levels, temperate range exceeded
  • Activity detection – uplink active only when handset is active
  • Fast oscillation detection and suppression
  • High out-of-band rejection to minimize spurious emissions
  • Self Regulating Intelligent Power Management- nothing for the consumer to do here. Our product self regulates how much power is used by the device at any given point of time depending on the strength of signal
  • Consumer’s will experience faster upload and download speeds and as well as much increased clarity of sound for voice calls
  • Low Power Consumption. Once our product is in the consumers home or office they can expect that the device will use only very small amount of power, which is equivalent to a router that remains plugged into the wall always
  • Up to 40% more battery life

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